Anna Hamilton

Painting Jewellery

Jewellery and Acrylic Painting

Anna loves design and being creative, whether in precious metals, gemstones, paint, spaces or technology. To her, life is creative – whether  painting, designing a piece of jewellery, building a house, designing/landscaping a garden, or designing/developing a website!

'I can't remember a time I didn't make things (clothes, paintings, stringing beads) but it didn't register with me that I could really be creative for a career so I went into marketing - although that can be seen as a form of creating.  Over the last 15  years I have realised I can do what I love.....'

The jewellery designs are inspired by the understanding that jewellery needs to work in  everyday life while adding a touch of sparkle.   There's a choice of what's on show in the gallery, or an individual piece can be designed and made.

At present, Anna is working on the design of several pieces focusing on rock crystal and quartz for KOAST.   She works out of a studio attached to The Little Black Gallery where you will find her during KOAST.

Click on the images below to see enlargements of her work and scroll through the slideshow.

Louise Spiers


My career in jewellery started with bone carving. I soon realised the limitations of bone and my deep need to learn more.

Moving into precious metals and including stones where  appropriate has expanded my design possibilities. I had formal training  and then worked for other manufacturing jewellers.

I am very tactile and have also done some sculpture work which I also enjoy. Now I no longer have a retail shop I am excited about creating my own pieces with less commercial orientation

Louise's work can be seen at The Little Black Gallery during KOAST and during the rest of the year.

Marlene Strode


Marlene is a sculptor, jeweller and painter who lives in Northland, New Zealand. She graduated from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and latterly, from The Learning Connexion in Wellington with a Diploma in Creativity (Honours).

Marlene resonates with the idea that Nature is our greatest teacher and has therefore  designed a series of Spirit Animal rings.  She loves the concept that most people, consciously or unconsciously, relate to an animal who inspires them throughout their lives. She is also curious about the idea that we can invoke different spirit animals at various cross roads in our lives to imbibe their character traits and triumph over obstacles.

She is interested in the notion that the Earth is our Mother. As a sculptor, Marlene has enjoyed moulding and casting a series of 'The Mother' figurines in bronze. There is a small figurine who can be worn as a necklace or carried in the pocket or purse, and a larger figurine for the alter, home or garden.

Marlene's work can be seen at The Little Black Gallery during KOAST and during the rest of the year.

Raewyn Rush


I founded Ruby tuesday in 2012   Ruby tuesday Jewellery includes original artisan necklaces, bracelets and earrings. I work with Swarovski Crystals, Ceramic Roses, Sterling Silver, Cameos, and Antique Buttons.

My Jewellery has something for everyone whether casual, dressy or for everyday wear.

Stephanie Boyd-Dunlop


A new exhibitor in KOAST this year, Stephanie has art and design in her blood  as her mother was an both enamelist and a painter.  Stephanie began with formal tuition in jewellery design and making but since then have been largely self taught.

Her work is mainly free form, eclectic, and in mixed mediums - she am very inspired by nature, with my own interpretation.  Having very recently moved to Kerikeri (early August) Stephanie is looking forward to finishing setting up her studio again and producing more work, especially enameling.

Stephanie's work can be seen at The Little Black Gallery during KOAST and the rest of the year.