Light, Kinetics

John Baran

Light, Kinetics

Electronics, light and kinetics

I'm a recent convert to the art world, and am having a blast leveraging my experience in software to construct Things which Do Stuff - pieces using salvaged hardware, electronics, light or kinetics and frequently a warped sense of humour.

I maintain a straightforward view of art which I believe should either look good, or do something vaguely interesting, or at least make the viewer think. Insofar as I have pretensions to a creative process, it usually consists of an interesting idea quickly degenerating into a nightmare of technical challenges, some of which forcibly evolve the original concept.

During KOAST my work will be on display on Pa Road, Kerikeri

R & A Leary

Light, Kinetics

Robyn and Andrew Leary have been Kaleidoscope Artists for more than 30 years.

Our kaleidoscopes include wooden hand-helds, and sideboard pieces, usually with some swamp Kauri.

To achieve good symmetry in the image, we invented a new optic system. It produces kaleidoscopic mandalas, from a wide range of objects, including bubbles, and one that lets the viewer look around the world.
Six different optic systems feature in The Loves of Antheia, which won the 2015 Wharepuke sculpture trail.
We've perfected dichroic glass manufacturing, and so create a range of unique glass jewelry, mostly framed in native timbers.

Our gallery is open most days if the sign is out or by appointment.

Please click on the examples of our studio and work to see enlargements and to scroll through the slideshow