Mixed Media

Catherine Dunn

Mixed Media Painting

Studio 19

Catherine’s eclectic and ever evolving style incorporates tactile, almost sculptural multimedia fusions, refined intaglio print making and acrylic painting that shift from strikingly vivid figurative works to purely abstract compositions.

“Art is an expression of my spiritual journey”, says Catherine, “I don’t always know where a work will lead me, and I remain detached from the end result.

It is being immersed in the creative process itself that enables progress to be made.”

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Karen Vernon

Mixed Media Painting

KAZARTZ - Mixed Media Artist

I believe we are most affected by the sense of sight. What we take in visually affects us mentally, physically, and spiritually. Therefore, it is of great importance that we look upon art which will nourish and uplift us, stimulate our imagination and creativity.

My journey into the art world began in 1993 with attending a American Folk Art class in Auckland, shortly after moving to Coopers Beach I became a student of Jayne Sprott, I attended her classes for 3 years. It was at this point I developed a passion for art and began trying other mediums, but staying within the realms of more traditional realistic painting.

A new doorway opened in my life when I joined Mike Nettmann’s class to study abstract.  Mike has not only been my teacher, he is my mentor and friend, Mike has taken me on a journey of self- discovery, teaching me to paint from deep within.

My art doesn’t stand on words, what is on my canvas I sometimes can’t explain away with clever talk, it is not an intellectual process, my paintings are intuitive and painted under the tutelage of a benign spirit.

During KOAST I will be at Art Upstairs in Kerikeri

Lynn Pirrie Smith

Mixed Media

I have studied with Lois McIvor in West Auckland for several years and since moving to Kerikeri I have been under the guidance of Mike Nettman and recently have studied with Theresa Reihana.

I work with acrylic, oils ticks, soft pastels, charcoal,inks and various other mediums.  My work is mostly abstract and through colour and medium I find the form I am searching for.

I am exhibiting for KOAST at ART Upstairs 22 Mill Lane.

Moira Warnock

Mixed Media Painting

Abstract - Acrylic, Oil and Mixed Media

Painting, for me, is a never ending, and at times frustratingly inept, attempt to reproduce the paintings in my head. I paint for my own pleasure and for the enjoyment of being totally immersed in a process where every solution provides a new problem.

I don't have a full studio at home so I will be in with Art Upstairs, Mill Lane, in Kerikeri for KOAST.


Ro Lusk

Mixed Media Painting

Graffiti Prints

My Graffiti Print Art is about my life as a New Zealand.

My latest art includes Mixed Media in Sparkly papers. I have attended the Learning Connexion in Wellington and completed my Advanced Diploma in Art and Creativity and have spent the last three years in Kerikeri at NorthTech completing my Degree in Visual Arts.

My studio is a house on our Orchard, ideal for displaying my art works and doing them too.  Art is the food for my soul. I am now attending Richard Parker’s Pottery class and loving it!