Ann Winship

Sculpture Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

Plein Air Painter and Wire Sculptor

I love painting on location (plein air) like the Impressionist painters, so I can capture the experience and natural light in seascapes, cityscapes or landscapes of New Zealand. Clouds, water, light and shadow fascinate me. This year I travelled to the South Island enjoying a few days of painting at Milford Sound and Golden Bay while my husband played golf.

In my studio this winter I have been working on paintings inspired by the pond life right outside my window. Water lilies, pukekos, ducks, and the tranquil beauty of reflections in water will be spotlighted in my KOAST 2017 exhibition.

The show will also feature long, flowing copper wire sculptures called ‘Spirit Vessels’ which I ‘knit’ in the style of Ruth Asawa, a San Francisco artist. Each sculpture takes 40 or more hours to make. I love the delicate dance of shadows on the wall cast by these spirit vessels.

Enquiries welcomed throughout the year

Please click on the examples of my work to see enlargements.

Anna Hamilton

Painting Jewellery

Jewellery and Acrylic Painting

Anna loves design and being creative, whether in precious metals, gemstones, paint, spaces or technology. To her, life is creative – whether  painting, designing a piece of jewellery, building a house, designing/landscaping a garden, or designing/developing a website!

'I can't remember a time I didn't make things (clothes, paintings, stringing beads) but it didn't register with me that I could really be creative for a career so I went into marketing - although that can be seen as a form of creating.  Over the last 15  years I have realised I can do what I love.....'

The jewellery designs are inspired by the understanding that jewellery needs to work in  everyday life while adding a touch of sparkle.   There's a choice of what's on show in the gallery, or an individual piece can be designed and made.

At present, Anna is working on the design of several pieces focusing on rock crystal and quartz for KOAST.   She works out of a studio attached to The Little Black Gallery where you will find her during KOAST.

Click on the images below to see enlargements of her work and scroll through the slideshow.

Bruce MacGregor

Painting Sculpture

Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Interior Design, Sculpture, Furniture Design

I have been drawing and painting from memory since I was four years old. My father taught me to draw as a tool to learn reading and writing.

I have experimented with all manners of paints, dyes, stains, other mediums, metal and timber looking for ways to express my experiences of life and the world. Hence line, colour, texture, abstraction and sculpture are all tools for my creative expression

I am largely self taught but where needed, as with my print making, I am grateful for the sharing of technique and knowledge of Perry Davies, and more recently, Dan Weldon at the University of Long Island, New York at a Masters in Art workshop.

My work can be viewed at my gallery, Lakehouse Studio. Just phone for an appointment.

Please click on the thumbnails below to see enlargements of examples of my work.

Brenda Moir

Painting Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

My art is mainly acrylic paint with mixed media on canvas, wood, driftwood, paper etc.  I enjoy using old recycled product to make the medium "live again".

Bird life and Natural environment is where I have focused providing landscapes and images to relate to the viewer in positive ways.

Kerikeri is my "place" of motivation and I am so lucky to live here. I sell my works through several outlets and complete personal commissions.   Please phone for an appointment.

Please click on the thumbnails below to see enlargements of examples of my work.

Catherine Dunn

Painting Mixed Media

Studio 19

Catherine’s eclectic and ever evolving style incorporates tactile, almost sculptural multimedia fusions, refined intaglio print making and acrylic painting that shift from strikingly vivid figurative works to purely abstract compositions.

“Art is an expression of my spiritual journey”, says Catherine, “I don’t always know where a work will lead me, and I remain detached from the end result.

It is being immersed in the creative process itself that enables progress to be made.”

Check out our Facebook page.

Click on the images below to see enlargements of my work and scroll through the slideshow.

Eddie Aldridge

Painting Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

Painting gives me the freedom to convey a feeling rather than illustrate a scene. I try to render the emotion that first inspired me at that particular moment in time. It also allows me to share that feeling with the viewer.

Influenced by the natural world, my intention is to capture the extraordinary that is often overlooked, how you see a wave is much more interesting than just seeing the wave.

Helen Jean

Painting Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

Painting and sculpture

Creation, whether it is drawing, planting, raising children, sculptures, paintings or relationships, the list is endless. Creation is the constant everlasting change that each and every one of us embraces, views, feels and connects in our own complete, unique way. My works of art are integral to my fulfillment as a person. These pieces have been created with complete passion for my love of expression.

I am self-taught with an abundance of enthusiasm that has driven me to challenge myself on new possibilities, pushing boundaries and exploring new mediums. My works have a tendency to lean towards the three dimensional, often fruit and vegetables, though with a bit of a twist, an edge, which is creation in itself where connection becomes relevant. I am also a gardener/grower working amongst nature which very grounding as well as a great source of inspiration for my work as an artist.

Joan Honeyfield

Painting Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

Abstract and Semi Abstract Painting

Canadian born, raised in the USA, and now in New Zealand, Joan Honeyfield has found her ‘happy place’– living and painting in the Bay of Islands. Following on her 30 years in healthcare, she has now discovered her career as a painter.

“Exploring the magic of serendipity and the satisfaction of a well-crafted line or shape or form is my painterly process. And, all this in glorious color! " says Joan.

For me, it is like life itself: some measure of comfort and control along with a healthy dose of surprise and unpredictability. ”

Jude Fenton

Painting Mixed Media Wood Work

Abstract Painter/Wood Worker

I live and create by the sea. I have gathered recycled timber which I craft into artisan furniture. The most beautiful timbers are reserved for tactile sculptural objects, like small stones and surfboards.

It is a privilege to work with swamp kauri, puriri, taraire, rewarewa, totara and pohutukawa of our area. The pieces are designed to give pleasure to the eye, the hand and the mind.

While I enjoy creating works with harmony and movement I also like to challenge the viewer. My paintings reflect our coastal environment and the people around me. I Iook forward to sharing them.

Lilian Aldridge

Painting Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

The beautiful Bay of Islands and the scenic wonders of New Zealand are my inspiration to paint. The things that stand out the most are the clarity of the air and the depth of colour that are not spoiled by pollution.

I love painting florals, animals, landscapes and seascapes, but I especially like to paint dog portraits. I love capturing that rascally smile or that soft irresistible look that says ‘I can do no wrong because I’m cute’.

Lin Marinkovic

Painting Watercolour

Watercolours, acrylics, charcoal & pencil

Art has always been part of my life. I have always sketched in pencil and charcoal. Since living in Kerikeri, I have studied watercolours with Maxine Bell, loving the free flowing colours and gestural, expressive brush strokes that watercolours entail.

My style is realism whether I am painting in watercolour or using pencil or charcoal. I enjoy the challenges of a variety of subjects: still life, our local fruits, seascapes, horses, the human figure and scenes of life. Recently I have been experimenting with acrylics and mixed media, a new stage, but still in my style of realism.

My working art studio is Valencia Art on Valencia Lane in Kerikeri.  Call me for an appointment anytime

Lynn Pirrie Smith

Mixed Media

I have studied with Louis McIvor in West Auckland for several years and since moving to Kerikeri I have been under the guidance of Mike Nettman and recently have studied with Theresa Reihana.

I work with acrylic, oils ticks, soft pastels, charcoal,inks and various other mediums.

My work is really mostly abstract and through colour and medium I find  the form I am searching for.

I am exhibiting for KOAST at ART Upstairs 22 Mill Lane.

Marlene Burge

Painting Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

“Brought up in an extended family of many artists it was easy and natural that I continued this.  Generally I like to evoke moods with my paintings.”

I paint real life, abstract and semi-abstract.


Maxine Bell

Painting Mixed Media Watercolour

Watercolour has always been my main medium focus but over the past couple of years acrylics have captured my creative attention and I am enjoying the versatility and strength of this medium.

My journey in art is about colour, composition and emotion, favourite subjects are people, scenery and flowers. I am very fortunate to be able to work with Lin Marinkovic at her studio on Valencia Lane. We inspire each other, come up with new ideas and concepts together all in a fantastic creative space.

Nicky Critchley

Painting Mixed Media Oil, Acrylic, Pastel Watercolour

With an enthusiasm and love of nature and the environment, I enjoy painting and sketching 'en plein air' in all weathers.  The coast and sea have always been a focal subject for my paintings as I strive to capture atmospheric skies and sometimes tumultuous waters.

In my studio I paint in oils mixed media and water colour layering colours textures and brush marks to create a richness and vitality in my artwork.

Nicki McPike

Painting Mixed Media Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

Nicki hails from Te Awamutu originally where she studied art through at high school, achieving Bursary Art.

Following school she moved into business made, returning to painting after several years for personal pleasure.

Inspired by nature, Nicki has always “layered” her paints as she loves to introduce texture into her work.  Being very tactile herself NIcki is always happy for her work to be touched as she believes that touch/feel and sight/vision are inextricably linked in the pleasure of art.

Nicki's art can be seen at The Little Black Gallery during KOAST and at times during the rest of the year.

Sue Buxton

Painting Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

Representational Mixed Media Artist

My work is representational, reflecting the world around me through landscape, floral and animal portraits.

I paint with soft pastel, acrylic, and oil, each offering different characteristics which enable me to select a medium that reflects the qualities of the subject matter. I have work in collections in the UK and New Zealand and regularly carry out commissions for pet portraits.

Please visit my web site to see more of my paintings or call for an appointment; you will be very welcome to view my work in Kerikeri.

My work will be on exhibit at Pa Road Kerikeri during KOAST

Taylor & Clennick

Painting Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

Lynette Taylor always loved art and Kevin Clennick words.

It wasn't until they had time in their retirement that encouraged them to participate in what was always a glowing ember in the hearth of their lives. After a traumatic head injury and long recovery period, Lynette was gifted a set of pastels and art classes with Brent Redding, a passion ignited and there was no turning back.

Now with three art prizes under her belt, Lynette is opening her home studio for the Koast Art Trail. Sometimes, it is Kevin's verse that inspires Lynette's art but most times it is her art that gives Kevin the inspiration to write his verse.

Wendy Laurenson

Painting Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

My paintings are wrapped in movement, colour and metaphor, and people respond to them with uplift and anticipation. Threads of energetic vibration - nature's own pattern language - echo through most of the images.

My tiny studio is on the open coast just north of the Bay of Islands where the sheer physicality of the elements is cleansing, inspirational, and formative.

I warmly invite you to share this piece of paradise during the KOAST trail weekend to celebrate creativity. There are plenty of fresh rich paintings here to feast on – and bring a picnic to enjoy on the beach.

Please click on the thumbnails below to see enlargements of examples of my work.