Fibre Art

Charlotte Scott is a Northland based textile artist.  Her work depicts narratives of the natural world and her medium is cloth, needle and thread.

Charlotte describes the close connections she feels with her female ancestors when she tells stories with her stitches, “There is something evocative about cloth.  We are wrapped in it at birth and then again at death.  Every culture uses cloth or woven material of some kind, and every culture has strong traditions surrounding the colour, the patterns, the substrate.  And it’s the women who are most involved in these traditions – my needle connects me to hundreds and thousands of other women who have observed our world and placed stitches in fabric to mark what they saw.”

Charlotte colours her own cloth, either with dye or paint, then cuts, layers and quilts her work, using the texture of the quilting stitches as an integral element of the final design.

Click on the images below to see enlargements of her work and scroll through the slideshow.