Photography Drawing/Illustration

Born in 1996, Jackson Ansted has recently obtained his Bachelor of Applied Arts (Visual) at NorthTec Whangarei. Ansteds process involves the combination of Photography, Drawing/Digital Media, Text and Collage. His art is often reflective of various fringe subcultures, and explores the juxtaposition of various media.

His artistic practice is a reflection of his early influences of 80s-90s skateboarding and punk rock sub-cultural art, and attempts to juxtapose the grime and grunge aesthetics of the bygone era with a more modern 21st century approach. It originally began as a zine, but grew into a variety of outlets which reflects on him and hisĀ  friends' lives as skateboarders

It combines elements of photography, illustration, and text into a mish mash collage-esque approach which constantly alters its format of depiction. It aims at experimenting with how classical gallery aesthetics, and outsider subcultural artwork merge in contrast with each other, speaking on where subcultural art is positioned in the underlying hierarchy of modern culture.

Click on the images below to see enlargements of his work and scroll through the slideshow.