Painting Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

Hearts are my main subject, I have painted these for many years now but Landscapes are my current passion. My Landscapes are effort and feelings that exist within the scenery so the land shapes are there but the colours are the joy, pain and hope that exist to be there. The Kepler Track last year provided much material for my work as the pain and hope mingled into the stunning landscapes I found myself amongst.

Oils are my favourite medium but I dabble with water colours and ink when the mood takes me. Have been painting for 22 years officially and just can't stop so I plan to paint until I am at least 105 years old (like my Great Grandmother) Artists run in the family. I'm a kiwi girl through and through.

Painted under Master Oil Painter Vjekoslav Nemesh over the least 10 years and it is with great pride I can call him my dear friend.
I have a Degree in Applied Arts (Painting), Massey University but to be honest I wouldn't recommend it. My best art has come from confidence in myself. Being half blind (blind in one eye, limited sight in the other) means that I just have to trust what comes out the end of the paintbrush, my biggest choice are the colours I use. I learnt to draw using the colours in the oil paints.

Enquiries welcomed throughout the year. My website has a shop and you can contact me from there also.

Please click on the examples of my work to see enlargements.