"I am a sculptor, jeweller and painter who lives in Northland, New Zealand. I feel passionate about creating art because the act of 'making' carries its own magical process. As I bring my creativity into form, I evoke a healing, awareness, or transformation in the subtle realms.

The Lost Wax Process

As a 'lost wax' jeweller, to create a figurine, I melt jeweller's wax over a flame. If the flame is too high, I can burn the wax. If it is too low, the wax doesn't melt. The flame teaches me how to regulate my own inner fire.

In addition, as I meld each segment of the wax together, the figurine shows me in pictures how he or she wants to be formed. Other figurines don't want to be made at all, and no matter how much I persist in creating them, they just keep falling apart. This usually happens when I am not ready for their teachings, and one thing I have learned is that forcing a situation can lead to a disaster when it is not the right time. It is often the case that a customer commissions an animal and then I know – the whale is here to teach me!(Or whoever the creature is who gets my attention in this way).

After being carved, the wax sculpture is encased in plaster. The encasement is heated so that the wax melts away leaving a cavity in the shape of the figurine. Sterling silver is then melted and the liquid is poured into the cavity. Once the metal has cooled, the plaster is broken away, and the sculpture is sanded, oxidised and polished. In the case of a pendant, the sculpture is then attached to a gemstone necklace or a sterling silver chain.

I resonate with the idea that The Mother is our greatest teacher. I have, therefore, designed a series of rings, pendants and earrings to celebrate our connection with the animals, flowers and trees - as well the divine feminine and masculine energies. All of these sculptures vibrate, or pulse, to their own unique personalities. Metals, crystals and gemstones are also living entities and each carry their own characteristics. When we wear the piece that calls to us, we can invoke their strengths to help us to navigate obstacles and respond to the world with wisdom.

My jewellery is handcrafted in sterling silver (925) and made with Love."

Marlene's work can be seen at The Little Black Gallery during KOAST and during the rest of the year.

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