I am a ‘ finder’, treasure seeker, observer, collector of the neglected and overlooked, examiner of shape and shadow. I am also a colourist who imagines she paints with a mature and limited palette. ( has not happened to date.)

I am ‘reborning’ myself back in to the artworld. A hiatus involving social conscience, community connection and assisting those in need, has kept my artwork at a lesser priority for the last six years. This year I decided I need to raise that priority, and to give my art love the playful respect and necessary indulgence it deserves.

So here we go again. This time, an honest admittance in declaring, that I have no idea what will result for this KOAST exhibition. I have included photos of painting fragments. You may or many not see any of these in the exhibition .....but these are honestly my first scrawls on many canvases. . By the time we open in October......they will look stupendous and you will be marvellously enthralled and want to buy the entire collection. That’s the goal.

BTW, I am exhibiting with the invigorating and exciting ex- Invercargillite, Jasmine Keir and we plan to have an opening party on the Friday night so that others might bask in our glory. And drink wine and buy art.

The name of my exhibition presented on Labour weekend 2019 is fondly entitled,
“A hairy hiatus and some new stuff. With possible poems. Or not “

Click on the images below to see enlargements of my work