Guest Artist


Welcome to Guest Artist Pete Cernis whose work is a response to the beauty he finds in the natural world. He composes with light, line and form aware of the balance required between technical necessity and unencumbered self expression.

He says ‘There are harmonies in the natural world which resonate on the same frequencies residing in our humanness. As our natural awareness develops the more we harmonise and the stronger those connections become. It is these harmonies that I  try and describe in my work whether it be through landscape, portraiture or other forms of self expression……. I am attempting to transfer what is felt onto an external surface so that it becomes seen.  The concept is straight forward,  achieving it is the tricky bit -  a never ending  journey of refinement and learning’.

Pete’s formal training was  at the Florence Academy, London Atelier of Representational Art and Camberwell where he obtained  his Master Degree in Drawing.

He also holds Master degrees in Science and Business and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Art.

When time allows, he runs workshops and courses in the fundamentals of drawing.

His work is held in both corporate and private collections and his home and studio are in Russell Bay of Islands.