Rachel is a self taught artist who  reclaims man made objects and combines them with natural inspiration.

Her continuous journey as an artist is inspired by the natural world, as well as an expression of emotions and the relationships we have between the observer and the observed.

The 2000 Princes Trust Business Start Up Award (UK) sponsored the develop of Rachel's artistry, selling sculptures, furniture and lighting whilst touring the Derbyshire craft circuit
and through galleries.

Moving to New Zealand in 2002, she continued part time as an art tutor for over ten years. During this time she learnt and experiment with different mediums and techniques to create new sculptures that where made and given away as gifts. Since moving to the far north, she is working part time as an artist, with commissions and requests. Her art works can be found for sale in galleries based in Whangarei, Kerikeri, Waitangi and Kaeo.

During KOAST my work can be seen at the Bay of Islands Golf Club Kerikeri.

Click on the images below to see enlargements of my work and scroll through the slideshow.