Storm Apiata

My art journey began as a youth when I did a year in Art and design, focusing on painting. I embraced a love for colour and the expressive freedom painting allowed me. I lose myself for many hours with music loud and my paintbrush ago = my happy place!

I became a mum of four children took up finger painting and put the brushes on the shelf for a decade or so until two years ago when I joined the BOI painting group. This rekindled my love for painting and an appreciation for the sense of community and friendship the group brings. Through it, I am gratefully learning and developing new skills and ideas. I have contributed works exhibited both in Nelson and Northland and some mural and commission work.

I primarily work in acrylic paint and spray-paints, mixing large brushstrokes, some detail work, with palette knife, stencils and wording relevant to the subjects.

I draw inspiration from my Christian faith through the healing it brings, the love and development of ideas with my family, shared life experiences and nature.
I see painting as an opportunity to interpret the world around me and within me as a visual story.