Sue grew up in the North of England and loved art as a young child but never had chance to do it at school. Then, after university she got involved in the business world and that took over. Eventually Sue’s work as a management consultant brought her to New Zealand in the late 1990s and she’s been based here since, initially in Wellington.

Sue has had her home in Kerikeri for about 12 years and started art as a hobby about 4 years ago. In the last few years Sue has cut back on work and focused on travel and art. Last year she travelled across the UK and Europe in a motorhome and painted as she went. Sue also attended some art and craft workshops while she travelled and learned some new skills and techniques.

Sue includes a wide range of subjects in her art but is often inspired by her travels or by nature. She also has a love of architecture and has completed some urban landscapes using a mix of paper collage and acrylic paint. She will be producing some local scenes for Koast. Sue also paints using acrylics and ink.

Sue’s has just started a facebook page for her art

She works from her small home studio, tucked away, in central Kerikeri. Her home is shaped like a flying swallow. She looks forward to welcoming you when you visit.