Trish Hunter

I am a self taught painter. I have nurtured my love of painting with references to tutorial matter, observation and plenty of practice. My thanks to Judi Soutar and others from Cherry Park for their critique and helpful advise.

My first recollection with painting is as a teenager, looking out our lounge window and admiring the rural outlook. I bought myself a cheap set of waterpaints and proceeded to paint the landscape. Not bad for a first effort. I was encouraged to do more by my parents. Sketches of hands and feet were my favourites.

I took up painting again when the children were at school or asleep. This time trying a new medium- acrylics. A credit to my husband for his patience and encouragement as I set up the easel, made by my father-in-law, in the lounge. Many of these works were distributed to the family and some still on their walls. Then there was no more as family, life and work took priority.

it was only after we moved to Kerikeri and I semi retired that I took up painting again. My subjects have become more varied and I enjoy the challenge of something new. Nothing better than sitting behind my easel, brush in hand and listening to the radio. I am in another world!