2018 Raffle Winners

The KOAST Raffle draws were held October 31 2018,  so all the surveys we received from trail goers could be included.

Laurel and Wes Martens were delighted they won. They have been on the trail before and saw the road signs, posts on facebook, the street banner plus the talk around town. Congratulations!

Vicky Hughes and Dennis Marks won the second hamper, purchasing their raffle ticket while on the trail. Vicky was amazed they won, having also won a raffle for a clock while on the trail. Her stars must have been aligned! She commented that KOAST was such a great community initiative and she wants to help KOAST in the future.  Awesome!

KOAST would like to thank all the merchants and artist donors who gave prizes for the raffle baskets.  You helped us raise close to $500. for the trail. Thank you for your generosity and support.