Sophie Littin

Sophie Littin
Collage Fibre Art

Coming from a world of costume making and wearable art, Sophie has recently returned home to NZ after being in the UK for the last 9 years.

She has been relentless in exploring non-traditional, experimental works and seeing where they take her. Each piece giving feedback and instruction for what comes next.

NZ is so unique for its plant life including those found in the humble back yard. Although, the overgrown weeds or dandelions growing through cracks in the concrete, the fallen petals, dead flower heads and dried out autumnal leaves – often the undesirable – is what gives life to her work.

Contrasting these natural elements is her love for graphic colours, striking shapes, and magazine imagery. Like therapeutic colouring in, hours of zoning out and cutting out, arranging, and forming the unformed.

The result? A collaboration of layers of plants, various paper textures, subdued fabrics, cut collage, ripped magazines, and sewn seams. A fragmented vision that feels like an old film photograph recording nature in the moment, while questioning the layers of our thoughts and visual reality.