Mixed Media

Catherine Dunn

Painting Mixed Media

Studio 19

Catherine’s eclectic and ever evolving style incorporates tactile, layered works in acrylics that shift from figurative to purely abstract compositions.

This year her focus has been on abstract work and the process of applying complex layers of colour and texture to achieve a seemingly uncomplicated result.

“There is always a slightly sculptural element to the work and I try to remain detached from the end result so I can enjoy the process and discover new ways of working.”

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Gaz Jarman

Painting Mixed Media Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

"I have been teaching Design and Visual Communication for over 12 years and am lucky enough to draw and paint every day.

In my work, I like to explore a range of visual ideas that I have generated from personal nostalgia. Subjects in my work are drawn mainly from my past; memories, people, musicians and objects from my life. I am interested in the way that the manipulation of scale and colour can catapult these items into striking importance or cultural significance. I use a range of materials and techniques, which refer to Graphic Art and the era of Pop. Give me anything that makes a mark; inks, marker pens, rattle cans, acrylic, and airbrushing are some of my favourites.

My other passion is music and I am always looking for opportunities to combine my music and art. I Recently I have completed commissions for Born on the Road Records, Peckings’ Records of London and Dublin’s Dirty Dubsters. "

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Huia Ann Wills

Painting Mixed Media Oil, Acrylic, Pastel Watercolour

Huia's art is an assortment of creative ideas, depending on her mood at the time.  She loves trying and experimenting with new ideas,  recycled materials and giving new life whether upcycling an outfit or creating for a local wearable arts show, or just crafting whimsical fantacy.

I love textures and colours creating a mix medium on canvas playing with moods,lights and experiences.

As an Impressionist artist l love to capture the innocence and mood of what l see and feel from city views to sunset, skylines,seascapes,landscapes and personalities of subjects, moving through each of my pieces never really knowing what I am going to capture, allowing it to unfold and reveal itself. Working in Watercolour, Acrylic, Pastels ,paper mache, is a delight to me.

My craft art allows me to bring new life to the old and experience pretty textures.

Some of my work can be seen at The Little Black Gallery where I'll be exhibiting during KOAST.

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Jan Stevenson

Painting Mixed Media

I am a full-time Abstract & Mixed Media Artist. I love using mixed media to create another dimension to my artwork. Layers of varnish, shellac, acrylic paints, inks and collage etc. allow me to really paint with a passion for my subject.

I have enjoyed art tuition from many accomplished artists over the years. Getting to paint and discuss art with other artists is inspirational. You never stop learning.

I am excited by the abstract, expressionist and experimental works I have been creating recently. Painting is my passion. I am always creating. I see possibilities for art around me constantly and keep a Visual Diary to add notes, inspiration and ideas as they arise.

I exhibit my artwork regularly at a number of galleries and would love you to visit my studio during KOAST to view my work.

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Jude Fenton

Painting Mixed Media Wood Work

Abstract Painter/Wood Worker

I live and create by the sea. I have gathered recycled timber which I craft into artisan furniture. The most beautiful timbers are reserved for tactile sculptural objects, like small stones and surfboards.

It is a privilege to work with swamp kauri, puriri, taraire, rewarewa, totara and pohutukawa of our area. The pieces are designed to give pleasure to the eye, the hand and the mind.

While I enjoy creating works with harmony and movement I also like to challenge the viewer. My paintings reflect our coastal environment and the people around me. I Iook forward to sharing them.

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Lynn Pirrie Smith

Mixed Media

I have studied with Louis McIvor in West Auckland for several years and since moving to Kerikeri I have been under the guidance of Mike Nettman and recently have studied with Theresa Reihana.

I work with acrylic, oils ticks, soft pastels, charcoal,inks and various other mediums.

My work is really mostly abstract and through colour and medium I find  the form I am searching for.

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Nicki McPike

Painting Mixed Media Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

Nicki hails from Te Awamutu originally where she studied art through at high school, achieving Bursary Art.

Following school she moved into business made, returning to painting after several years for personal pleasure.

Inspired by nature, Nicki has always “layered” her paints as she loves to introduce texture into her work.  Being very tactile herself NIcki is always happy for her work to be touched as she believes that touch/feel and sight/vision are inextricably linked in the pleasure of art.

Nicki's art can be seen at The Little Black Gallery during KOAST and at times during the rest of the year.

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Raewyn King

Painting Mixed Media Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

Raewyn King works with many different mediums including paint, wood and mixed media. Her work can be very whimsical on the one hand, while many of her paintings (for example the America's Cup yachts) are very realistic.

You can see my work at the The little Black Gallery over KOAST at Labour Weekend.

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