Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

Ann Winship

Sculpture Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

I usually paint on location (plein air) like the Impressionist painters, so I can capture the experience and natural light in seascapes, cityscapes or landscapes of New Zealand. Clouds, water, light and shadow fascinate me. So much more than a photo on canvas, the brushwork and occasionally sand or bugs grace my plein air piece. I need 2 or 3 sessions on location and then more hours in the studio to create most works.

This year I pulled out my watercolours which are more portable than my oils and easel. I’ve done a few paintings of the Hokianga Harbour, River Walk in Kerikeri and Mangawhai. Had a few good sessions with my oil paints in Mangonui this winter when the weather was perfect as were the fish and chips! Its not been easy to find enough time to paint, with all the work I love doing as the chairman of KOAST to make this art trail happen!

Last year I travelled to the South Island enjoying a few days of painting at Milford Sound and Golden Bay while my husband played golf. Am working on a few paintings from photos we took on this trip which include the waterfalls of Milford Sound and the view from the Kepler Trail.

The show will also feature long, flowing copper wire sculptures called ‘Spirit Vessels’ which I ‘knit’ in the style of Ruth Asawa (1926-2013), a reknown San Francisco artist who was my next door neighbour when I was very young. Each sculpture takes 40 or more hours to make. I love the delicate dance of shadows on the wall cast by these spirit vessels.

Enquiries welcomed throughout the year.

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Brenda Moir

Painting Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

My art is mainly acrylic paint with mixed media on canvas, wood, driftwood, paper etc.  I enjoy using old recycled product to make the medium "live again".

Bird life and Natural environment is where I have focused providing landscapes and images to relate to the viewer in positive ways.

Kerikeri is my "place" of motivation and I am so lucky to live here. I sell my works through several outlets and complete personal commissions.   Please phone for an appointment.

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Cassandra Gaisford

Painting Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

Cassandra has an intense passion for art in all its guises. She believes in the power of creativity to transform people’s lives, making them feel refreshed, playful, inspired and adventurous.  As  artist Paul Klee says – "one eye sees and the other feels"

Cassandra’s creative collections are echoes of our culture when we are at our happiest. Classic but fresh each time. The significance of creativity whether it is painting, photography, writing or anything that involves taking something that doesn’t exist and making it real is about the power of transformation. “Sometimes all it takes is one sentence in a book, one evocative image or one sensual painting to evoke a radical reinvention of one’s life.”

Cassandra’s pieces all embody the essence of her beliefs and speak to her soul mission: to live life to the fullest, to take risks, to be playful, to create beauty, to have fun - and to help others achieve the same.  Her  latest works embrace the simplicity of pleasure and personal experiences that incite joy.  “I am inspired by the East – particularly Buddhism, and the ancient art of calligraphy. As an intuitive artist with a passion for following my 'inner joy' I hope my work captures and celebrates the  'life-giving' aspects of art, and leaves viewers with a feeling of pleasure and contentment.”

Cassandra  was a finalist in the 2008 Adam's Portrait award and the supreme winner of the 2008 Wai Art Awards.  She has participated in various overseas workshops including a Sumi–E ink painting workshop in Hawaii with ex-pat artist, Max Gimblett. for several years she then focused more on writing creativity but since moving to Kerikeri has been focusing on her painting as well.

Cassandra's work can be seen at  The Little Black Gallery during KOAST.

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Dave Potter

Painting Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

The images I create come from ideas I have had swirling around in my mind for the past 50 odd years.

They are subjects you often walk past everyday but only notice when you stop and take a closer look.

Mainly created with acrylics on canvas board, they are then finished with hand crafted frames made from locally sourced, old rustic fence posts.

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Helen Jean

Painting Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

Painting and sculpture

Creation, whether it is drawing, planting, raising children, sculptures, paintings or relationships, the list is endless. Creation is the constant everlasting change that each and every one of us embraces, views, feels and connects in our own complete, unique way. My works of art are integral to my fulfillment as a person. These pieces have been created with complete passion for my love of expression.

I am self-taught with an abundance of enthusiasm that has driven me to challenge myself on new possibilities, pushing boundaries and exploring new mediums. My works have a tendency to lean towards the three dimensional, often fruit and vegetables, though with a bit of a twist, an edge, which is creation in itself where connection becomes relevant. I am also a gardener/grower working among nature which very grounding as well as a great source of inspiration for my work as an artist.

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Helen Morgan

Painting Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

I have drawn and painted most of my life, attending acrylic and watercolour classes in Yorkshire, where I exhibited and sold some of my paintings.

I lived in South Africa for 25 years but most of this time was taken bringing up my children and I didn't find much time to paint.  On my move to Kerikeri I started attending classes with Mike Nettman in a search to progress and challenge my painting style.  I am attracted to the mix of abstract and realism and recently my paintings have demonstrated this.  My subjects vary but recently my inspiration has been animals from South Africa.

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James Dean

Painting Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

James Dean, recent immigrant artist from San Francisco, brings the "Sweet As" moment to vivid life.

There are people and places that really speak to us and his art celebrates the exciting, the exceptional, and the emotionally moving visual experiences. James does commission art works on request and is one of three artists exhibiting at Tapueatahi.

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Joan Honeyfield

Painting Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

Abstract and Semi Abstract Painting

The taste of colour & a touch of place: I love them both, sometimes each by itself, sometimes together. And, as a “cock-eyed optimist”, I want you to feel, when you look, a sense of pleasure, fun, mellowness, excitement (something!). So, I paint, first, by choosing my canvas shape & size. This becomes my boundary, my outer limit. It keeps me from getting carried away & is like a fence around my play-yard. Big canvas = big playground!

Then, colours! When I was a kid growing up in the U.S., each school year began (as is everywhere the case) with getting new pencils & paper & CRAYONS, my tools. I would always beg for the biggest box with the biggest selection. I wanted to assure that I had the fullest set of options in case I needed some obscure colour (although, I never much got into using “flesh pink”). Even now my paint box is always full. Colours are the spices of my visual life! So, step 2 is selecting the colours.

Step 3 can be a bit random as I make my first marks or describe a shape and I will admit here that I am fully capable of false starts. But, what I’ve learnt is that those false starts, once made, can almost always be unmade with a generous covering of gesso or another layer of colour. Each successive colour addition is an adventure to develop & build an experience. I don’t much think or plan when I do this. If I do, my “maths” brain takes over & the intuitive, creative voices in my head get hopelessly drowned out.

The finish sometimes takes days to achieve. I often hang the painting in my breakfast room where I can live with it for a few days. Eventually, I figure out my final gesture (or not). These final bits are sort of like the full stop at the end of a sentence.

By the way, I sure don’t want you to think I’m somehow special. Lots of artists probably follow this same recipe. But, those voices in my head – they are uniquely mine, born in the course of my life, my loves, my laughters, my sadnesses and fears, my adventures and boredoms. Those are mine and I’m pleased to share them with you. Enjoy! Please

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Joanne Gardner

Painting Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

Hearts are my main subject, I have painted these for many years now but Landscapes are my current passion. My Landscapes are effort and feelings that exist within the scenery so the land shapes are there but the colours are the joy, pain and hope that exist to be there. The Kepler Track last year provided much material for my work as the pain and hope mingled into the stunning landscapes I found myself amongst.

Oils are my favourite medium but I dabble with water colours and ink when the mood takes me. Have been painting for 22 years officially and just can't stop so I plan to paint until I am at least 105 years old (like my Great Grandmother) Artists run in the family. I'm a kiwi girl through and through.

Painted under Master Oil Painter Vjekoslav Nemesh over the least 10 years and it is with great pride I can call him my dear friend.
I have a Degree in Applied Arts (Painting), Massey University but to be honest I wouldn't recommend it. My best art has come from confidence in myself. Being half blind (blind in one eye, limited sight in the other) means that I just have to trust what comes out the end of the paintbrush, my biggest choice are the colours I use. I learnt to draw using the colours in the oil paints.

Enquiries welcomed throughout the year. My website has a shop https://heartart.co.nz/ and you can contact me from there also.

Please click on the examples of my work to see enlargements.

Judi Soutar

Painting Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

Judi was born in  London and showed an interest in painting and drawing at an early age, dropping domestic science and needlework in favour of extra art classes and technical drawing. Her first commission (unpaid) was for a mural for the school entrance hall.

She was trained initially  by The Patents Office, London in Technical illustration. Over the years she has worked variously for advertising agencies, architects, a studio pottery, even had a stint in the Fleet Air Arm, all the time keeping up her interest in the arts.

She retired early in 1986 having had her own printing business in Auckland, New Zealand. She took up painting again and became a member of a cooperative art gallery where her works sold consistently to purchasers both local and overseas plus government institutions and were in constant demand. She was involved for some years promoting the arts arranging many exhibitions for local and national artists and galleries.

She says "There is no deep meaning or philosophy to my work, even or recognisable style, I just paint for my own enjoyment and pleasure and hopefully for others too!"
Her talents include graphic design, classic and traditional painting influenced by the Dutch masters and has even been known to paint some "Genuine Fakes".

Judi is a Kerikeri artist who  works in oil, acrylic, watercolour and currently coloured pencils.

She was a member of Art Upstairs gallery. and currently teaches at Cherry Park House and Kerikeri Retirement Village.

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Leigh Munro

Painting Sculpture Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

In December 2017, my husband Rolly and I moved to Kerikeri from the Kapiti Coast, near Wellington.

I paint in oils and acrylics, mainly semi-abstract works, though at times, I also paint landscapes and portraits. In 2011 I began exploring sculpture, developing ideas on the computer then having them laser cut in coreten or stainless steel. My biggest commission to date, has been the 10 meter long 'Dragonfly' bridge for Kevin Tonks, in Hunua, Auckland.

As our studio is still on the drawing board, I will be exhibiting my paintings at Anne Winship's studio over Labour weekend.

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Michelle Wright

Painting Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

I have loved art all my life, enjoying time spent with my father whilst he painted many beautiful New Zealand scenes.  I elarnt a lot from him and have also developed my own use of acrylic paint.

I studied art and classical studies at school.  My love for colours, design and interiors have all come into play giving  me focus to achieve my desire to become an artist.

My love for the New Zealand sea, bush and bird life, influences my art greatly.  As well, having been a dancer in my youth, I use the musical flow and movement when painting , letting the layering and passion develop in my brushwork.

Seeing the pleasure on people's faces as they view my art is one of my greatest enjoyments.

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Nicki McPike

Painting Mixed Media Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

Nicki hails from Te Awamutu originally where she studied art through at high school, achieving Bursary Art.

Following school she moved into business made, returning to painting after several years for personal pleasure.

Inspired by nature, Nicki has always “layered” her paints as she loves to introduce texture into her work.  Being very tactile herself NIcki is always happy for her work to be touched as she believes that touch/feel and sight/vision are inextricably linked in the pleasure of art.

Nicki's art can be seen at The Little Black Gallery during KOAST and at times during the rest of the year.

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Raewyn King

Painting Mixed Media Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

Raewyn King works with many different mediums including paint, wood and mixed media. Her work can be very whimsical on the one hand, while many of her paintings (for example the America's Cup yachts) are very realistic.

You can see my work at the The little Black Gallery over KOAST at Labour Weekend.

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Rebecca Potter

Painting Oil, Acrylic, Pastel Photography

I fell in love with art from an early age and studied photography in High School, back in the day when darkrooms and film were all the rage.

Returning to my home country last year, I rekindled my love of photography and art. I’m currently a member of the Bay of Islands photography club, PSNZ and in the middle of completing a diploma in professional photography.

I adore animals, especially pets and find inspiration in curves, balance and forms created in nature as well as manmade structures. It’s through the lens of my camera and the paintings I create, that I seek to share the incredible beauty I see everywhere.

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Rebecca's Facebook

Richard Lawty

Painting Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

During his schooldays Richard was always to be found drawing something and very much enjoyed art. Through his working years however he had little time for artwork unless applied to some technical graphic needs. Over those years and during travels he has been able to take on a greater appreciation of art, particularly cities, land and seascapes.

"I enjoy painting in oils, with the majority of my works being land and seascapes from places I visit. My artworks are based mainly on places in the North Island of New Zealand where I live, but I find time to create some from places in Europe and Asia.

"In my paintings I try to create the mood of the moment and try to provide the opportunity for the viewer to create a storyline.

I enjoy showing my work in exhibitions, mainly in Auckland. Some of my paintings have found homes in England, Australia and even exhibitions in China. I hope patrons have as much enjoyment in viewing as I do in creating them."

Click on the images below to see enlargements of his work and scroll through the slideshow.  See his Blogsite below for further examples

Sara King

Oil, Acrylic, Pastel Drawing/Illustration

Originally having trained and worked as a graphic designer, after a few years I moved into the field of lighting design. This really impacted on my art in terms of how we see colour, and how the wonderful way that a light source can change the feel of an object or scene. I paint in acrylics and I have also recently rediscovered my love for drawing. My recent paintings are a mixture of seascapes and Northland landscapes, living on a farm and in Northland you can't help be inspired by the natural beauty all around us. I have moved into my drawing series, inspired also by the scenes presented to me at home.

I hope you enjoy viewing my pieces, as much as I enjoyed creating them. See you at KOAST 2018.

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Shirley Morrish

Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

Shirley Morrish paints mainly in oils.  Her works are of the sea, boats and landscapes.

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Taylor & Clennick

Painting Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

Lynette Taylor always loved art and Kevin Clennick words.

It wasn't until they had time in their retirement that encouraged them to participate in what was always a glowing ember in the hearth of their lives. After a traumatic head injury and long recovery period, Lynette was gifted a set of pastels and art classes with Brent Redding, a passion ignited and there was no turning back.

Now with three art prizes under her belt, Lynette is opening her home studio for the Koast Art Trail. Sometimes, it is Kevin's verse that inspires Lynette's art but most times it is her art that gives Kevin the inspiration to write his verse.

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Wendy Laurenson

Painting Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

My paintings are wrapped in movement, colour and metaphor, and people respond to them with uplift and anticipation. Threads of energetic vibration - nature's own pattern language - echo through most of the images.

My tiny studio is on the open coast just north of the Bay of Islands where the sheer physicality of the elements is cleansing, inspirational, and formative.

I warmly invite you to share this piece of paradise during the KOAST trail weekend to celebrate creativity. There are plenty of fresh rich paintings here to feast on – and bring a picnic to enjoy on the beach.

Please click on the thumbnails below to see enlargements of examples of my work.