KOAST Society’s NEWS for Members


The dates for the 2020 AGM will be set and sent to members soon.


The 2019 KOAST AGM on Sunday, February 24th  was very well attended.

A new Committee was unanimously elected as were  2 rule changes. The new committee comprises:

Chair :Jonathon Foley
Secretary: Rachel Palmer
Treasurer: Robyn Leary

Committee Members: Anna Hamilton, Lynn Pirrie, Nicki McPike, Catherine Dunn, Charlie Smith, Bruce MacGregor, Louisa Millet, Helen Noble and Janette Walker.

Forms and Information

Below are some useful forms and other information for members.  You can just download any of these  if you need them.

We will soon be taking membership applications for Friends of KOAST and Artist membership/exhibitors for 2020.  Watch this space.

You will either be able to complete an online form or a pdf to become a member.  These will be available after the AGM where the new 2020 committee will be  appointed.

If you are not an artist but wish to become a Friend of KOAST click here.

Whichever you choose please  pay us through internet banking to ASB 12 3091 0232985 00, using your name and tel as reference.


As KOAST is a voluntary organisation, including the Committee, we ask all members to do anything they can to help – selling Trail Guides, helping collect information for social media, putting up the signs, collecting raffle prizes and heaps of other things.

The Committee has formed work groups with each committee member being responsible for a particular area so if you have particular skills in any of these or can assist with anything pl;ease get in contact with us.  We do ask everyone who exhibits to help in some way otherwise it becomes an enormous amount of work for a very few!


Membership (Helen Noble)
Sponsorship (Jonathan Foley, Charlie Smith, Anna Hamilton)
Website’ and Social Media (Anna Hamilton and Nicki McPike)
Publicity and Marketing (Charlie Smith, Anna Hamilton, Jonathan Foley)
Photography (Catherine Dunn, Janette Walker and Charlie Smith)
Fundraising, Grants Donations (Rachel Palmer, Raewyn King)
Group Venues (Janette Walker, Lynn Pirrie)
Pre Event displays (Nicki McPike and Jonathan Foley)
Guest Artists (Catherine Dunn)
Flags and Signage (Bruce MacGregor, Hugh McKechnie)
Trail Guides Sales (Nicki McPike)
Raffle Prizes (Nicki McPike, Janette Walker and Lynn Pirrie)
Design including Trail Guide, DLE and Posters (Charlie Smith and Leigh Munro)
PackHouse Coordinator (Louisa Millett)

Other Needs, Skills and Leads We Could Use
Auckland art scene contacts
Names of local artists to invite
Private Donors or Sponsor contacts


Please click here for the Society Rules

Direct deposits can be made on line to our ASB KOAST account 12 3091 0232985 00, using your name and tel as reference.