Ann Winship

Oil, Acrylic, Pastel Sculpture

Plein Air Painter and Wire Sculptor

I enjoy painting landscapes, city scenes and seascapes on location. Typically I visit a location 2 or 3 times to capture the colours, light and shadows Plein air painters like Cezanne, Van Gogh and Monet inspire my work as does the scenery throughout Northland.

When I am not painting, I 'knit' copper wire into 2 to 4 metre long flowing organic forms, in the style of Ruth Asawa, a San Francisco artist. I call my sculptures spirit vessels. They cast beautiful shadows, interacting with light and breezes.

My art studio and gallery at off Waimate North Road will be open during KOAST.  Otherwise please call to make an appointment.

Please click on the examples of my work to see enlargements and to scroll through the slideshow.

Bruce MacGregor

Painting Sculpture

Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Interior Design, Sculpture, Furniture Design

I have been drawing and painting from memory since I was four years old. My father taught me to draw as a tool to learn reading and writing.

I have experimented with all manners of paints, dyes, stains, other mediums, metal and timber looking for ways to express my experiences of life and the world. Hence line, colour, texture, abstraction and sculpture are all tools for my creative expression

I am largely self taught but where needed, as with my print making, I am grateful for the sharing of technique and knowledge of Perry Davies, and more recently, Dan Weldon at the University of Long Island, New York at a Masters in Art workshop.

My work can be viewed at my gallery, Lakehouse Studio. Just phone for an appointment.

Please click on the thumbnails below to see enlargements of examples of my work.

Diana Galbraith

Ceramics Sculpture

My grandparents were potters in the 1960s and 70s, and I was always fascinated by the process of creating with clay. When I returned to live in my home town of Kerikeri in 2009, I took up ceramic practise. Initially I did classes at Northtec, and subsequently set up my own small workshop at home. I particularly enjoy throwing pots on the wheel. My work is a mixture of functional ware and sculpture. As well as using earthenware glazes I also raku fire some of my work.

I am exhibiting for KOAST at 22 Mill Lane Kerikeri.

Hugh McKechnie


I love taking old pieces of wood, looking for beautiful images within, and making carvings and sculpture.

I've been carving from the age of 7 years. A mallet, chisel, a piece of kauri, an old Chelsea Sugar Factory beam or an old Totara post makes me happy. I look for beauty and I am motivated by love.

I welcome you to come and see waka, fanciful sea creatures and mermaids.

During KOAST this year you'll find me at  my studio  and at The Art Place.

Looking forward to seeing you.