Wood Work

Chris Wickenden

Sculpture Wood Work

Chris Wickenden is originally from Greenwich, London, UK, moving to New Zealand 16 years ago.  He is a qualified Zookeeper, and worked at ZSL London Zoo for 13 years.

His hobby has been woodworking for a long time. He is self taught but gained some knowledge from my father who, although totally blind, was also a hobbyist woodworker.

Wooden boxes and fully lined jewellery boxes are his main passion. He uses both native New Zealand and exotic timbers either in solid form or as veneers, commercially bought or made by himself.

All of his jewellery boxes are lined with a faux suede so no tarnishing of silver will happen. He loves to let the beauty of the timber show and use a hardwax oil for protection from daily handling.

Guy du Toit

Wood Work

Guy du Toit is an artistic wood turner who graduated from the Ecole Escoulen woodturning school in France.

He was born in South Africa and emigrated to New Zealand in 2015. In 2016 he joined the Hamilton Wood Turners Club in Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand. He found himself instantly enamoured and facinated by wood turning and discovered a natural talent for turning.

In 2018 he applied to Ecole Escoulen wood turning school in France and was privileged and honoured to be accepted as one of the 11 students for the full time course. In March 2019, after 700 hours of full time tuition he graduated with a diploma in wood turning from Ecole Escoulen after passing the two very stringent practical exams.

Guy has settled in Kerikeri in the far North of New Zealand and loves how close he is to the ocean and especially the Kauri forests.

To Guy  art includes free form and abstract geometrical sculptures, rare and highly figure wood turned to expose the maximum beauty of the wood, handcrafted jewelry from rare wood and wood that has been enhanced by carving, pyrography or the use of airbrush or acrylics, specifically dry brushed acrylic.

Hugh Mckechnie

Sculpture Wood Work

I love taking old pieces of wood, looking for beautiful images within, and making carvings and sculpture.

I've been carving from the age of 7 years. A mallet, chisel, a piece of kauri, an old Chelsea Sugar Factory beam or an old Totara post makes me happy. I look for beauty and I am motivated by love.

I welcome you to come and see waka, fanciful sea creatures and mermaids.

During KOAST this year you'll find me at  my studio  and at The Little Black Gallery

Looking forward to seeing you.

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Jack Armstrong

Wood Work

Jack spent his formative years in New York farm country, a decade in California with the Sierra Nevada mountains at my doorstep and  forty years in Hawai’i before emigrating to New Zealand.  His career in science gave him an appreciation for the magic of nature and a modicum of creativity.

After dabbling in pyrography, copper hammering, sand candles, pottery, stained glass, Hawaiian feather hatbands, leatherwork, decorative woodworking, wind chimes and driftwood sculpture, he discovered his true passion at a woodturning exhibition and took formal training from a master woodturner.

Transforming the energy of a dead tree into an object of beauty is a deeply satisfying and spiritual experience, and each piece he turns is unique. Whether he turns an open, closed or lidded vessel and have a vision of its shape and form, the wood itself ultimately decides how he turns the piece. Woodturning is a journey on the road to perfection that will never end for him, only change and get more interesting.

Jude Fenton

Painting Wood Work

Abstract Painter/Wood Worker

I live and create by the sea. I have gathered recycled timber which I craft into artisan furniture. The most beautiful timbers are reserved for tactile sculptural objects, like small stones and surfboards.

It is a privilege to work with swamp kauri, puriri, taraire, rewarewa, totara and pohutukawa of our area. The pieces are designed to give pleasure to the eye, the hand and the mind.

While I enjoy creating works with harmony and movement I also like to challenge the viewer. My paintings reflect our coastal environment and the people around me. I Iook forward to sharing them.

Click on the images below to see enlargements of my work and scroll through the slideshow.