Ann Winship

Sculpture Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

I usually paint on location (plein air) like the Impressionist painters, so I can capture the experience and natural light in seascapes, cityscapes or landscapes of New Zealand. Clouds, water, light and shadow fascinate me. So much more than a photo on canvas, the brushwork and occasionally sand or bugs grace my plein air piece. I need 2 or 3 sessions on location and then more hours in the studio to create most works.

This year I pulled out my watercolours which are more portable than my oils and easel. I’ve done a few paintings of the Hokianga Harbour, River Walk in Kerikeri and Mangawhai. Had a few good sessions with my oil paints in Mangonui this winter when the weather was perfect as were the fish and chips! Its not been easy to find enough time to paint, with all the work I love doing as the chairman of KOAST to make this art trail happen!

Last year I travelled to the South Island enjoying a few days of painting at Milford Sound and Golden Bay while my husband played golf. Am working on a few paintings from photos we took on this trip which include the waterfalls of Milford Sound and the view from the Kepler Trail.

The show will also feature long, flowing copper wire sculptures called ‘Spirit Vessels’ which I ‘knit’ in the style of Ruth Asawa (1926-2013), a reknown San Francisco artist who was my next door neighbour when I was very young. Each sculpture takes 40 or more hours to make. I love the delicate dance of shadows on the wall cast by these spirit vessels.

Enquiries welcomed throughout the year.

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Bruce MacGregor

Painting Sculpture Drawing/Illustration

Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Interior Design, Sculpture, Furniture Design

I have been drawing and painting from memory since I was four years old. My father taught me to draw as a tool to learn reading and writing.

I have experimented with all manners of paints, dyes, stains, other mediums, metal and timber looking for ways to express my experiences of life and the world. Hence line, colour, texture, abstraction and sculpture are all tools for my creative expression

I am largely self taught but where needed, as with my print making, I am grateful for the sharing of technique and knowledge of Perry Davies, and more recently, Dan Weldon at the University of Long Island, New York at a Masters in Art workshop.

My work can be viewed at my gallery, Lakehouse Studio. Just phone for an appointment.

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Hugh Mckechnie

Sculpture Wood Work

I love taking old pieces of wood, looking for beautiful images within, and making carvings and sculpture.

I've been carving from the age of 7 years. A mallet, chisel, a piece of kauri, an old Chelsea Sugar Factory beam or an old Totara post makes me happy. I look for beauty and I am motivated by love.

I welcome you to come and see waka, fanciful sea creatures and mermaids.

During KOAST this year you'll find me at  my studio  and at The Little Black Gallery

Looking forward to seeing you.

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Jonathan Foley


Following a 3-decade long ad agency career in New Zealand and Australia, Jonathan decided to fulfil a lifetime ambition to become a sculptor and studied at The Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School, Sydney; Australia’s oldest and most respected Atelier style school.

He works with most traditional mediums but several years ago began focusing on Marble Carving, participating in three intensive workshops with Carrara Italy-based Master Carver; Alnazzar.

‘Since moving to Kerikeri I’ve been combining Carrara Marble with Ancient Kauri. Marble takes millions of years to form and Swamp Kauri 30,000 plus years. To me there is wonderful synergy in the combination of these two ancient substances'.

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Leigh Munro

Painting Sculpture Oil, Acrylic, Pastel

In December 2017, my husband Rolly and I moved to Kerikeri from the Kapiti Coast, near Wellington.

I paint in oils and acrylics, mainly semi-abstract works, though at times, I also paint landscapes and portraits. In 2011 I began exploring sculpture, developing ideas on the computer then having them laser cut in coreten or stainless steel. My biggest commission to date, has been the 10 meter long 'Dragonfly' bridge for Kevin Tonks, in Hunua, Auckland.

As our studio is still on the drawing board, I will be exhibiting my paintings at Anne Winship's studio over Labour weekend.

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Rachel Palmer


Rachel is a self taught artist who  reclaims man made objects and combines them with natural inspiration.

Her continuous journey as an artist is inspired by the natural world, as well as an expression of emotions and the relationships we have between the observer and the observed.

The 2000 Princes Trust Business Start Up Award (UK) sponsored the develop of Rachel's artistry, selling sculptures, furniture and lighting whilst touring the Derbyshire craft circuit
and through galleries.

Moving to New Zealand in 2002, she continued part time as an art tutor for over ten years. During this time she learnt and experiment with different mediums and techniques to create new sculptures that where made and given away as gifts. Since moving to the far north, she is working part time as an artist, with commissions and requests. Her art works can be found for sale in galleries based in Whangarei, Kerikeri, Waitangi and Kaeo.

During KOAST my work can be seen at the Bay of Islands Golf Club Kerikeri.

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Rolly Munro


I work mainly in wood and metal. For most of my career I have focussed on sculptural work in wood which has been turned and carved, then often embellished with detailed textures or inlaid with metal or other materials. The surfaces of my works sometimes feature patinas or other coloured surface treatments. Many of these works have been large scale, though I also enjoy creating small delicate carved works echoing the forms of New Zealand sea life. My work is in collections in New Zealand and abroad.

Recently, I have begun producing metal works on commission. So far I have designed and made two gates one reflecting the forms of weeping trees on the client's driveway, and a bridge on the same property reflects landforms. Both use coreten steel and stainless steel and were completed for a client in Hunua, Auckland. A life size Haast Eagle in stainless rod is located in New Plymouth's Bell Block.

New to Kerikeri this year, my studio is still being built. I will have a book of photographs of my work available for viewing during  KOAST.  These will be at Ann Winship's studio.

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