New Members and Exhibitors

It was fantastic to see such a variety of guest artists, new members and exhibitors (in total over 64), and so many returning artists from past  years, all joining us for 2019  KOAST.

2018 new members and guest artists included:

Allan Gale (guest artist)
Charlotte Scott (guest artist)
Brad Walters (guest artist)
The Kaikohe Weavers (guest artist)
Rudy van der Pol (gues artist)
Many Wood (guest artist)
Jackson Ansted (guest artist)

Louisa Millett
Cassandra Gaisford
Huia Anne Wills
Raewyn King
Leigh Munro
Allyson Waldron
Allan Gale
Anne Elliott
Helen Morgan
Dave Potter
Mark Mitchell
Jane Shaw
James Dean
Gaz Jarman
Janette Walker
Mary Potter
Penny Kennedy
Judi Soutar
Rebecca Potter
Jonathan Foley
Michelle Wright
Shirley Morrish
Rachel Palmer
Sara King
Lah Herk
Richard Lawty
Rolly Munro
Rachel Palmer
Claudia Weifels


Join KOAST 2019

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