R & A Leary


Andrew and Robyn Leary have been making kaleidoscopes for over 30 years.

Their kaleidoscopes include wooden hand-helds, and sideboard pieces, usually with some swamp Kauri.

To achieve good symmetry in the image, we invented a new optic system. It produces kaleidoscopic mandalas, from a wide range of objects, including bubbles, and one that lets the viewer look around the world.

Six different kaleidoscope systems feature in our garden sculpture, The Loves of Antheia, which won the 2015 Wharepuke sculpture trail. We have recently installed an Antheia kaleidoscope at a school in Singapore.

We use High Vacuum Thin Film Deposition to manufacture our own dichroic glass, and so create a range of unique glass jewelry.

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Sue Hawker

Glass Sculpture

Sue Hawker has a background in international journalism and commercial flower growing, but creating art is now her main focus.

She designs and makes intricate pate de verre sculptural works, mainly employing a flower motif, to convey emotion or to tell stories. Currently she is  developing a body of work incorporating the magic dichroic process, loosely titled “Bees' Eye View”.

Sue's work is held in national collections, including those of the Australian National Gallery in Canberra, Sir James Wallace, Sir Peter Jackson and Sir Elton John.