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Joining KOAST 2025


Registrations for the 2025 KOAST trail will open later this year.

If you have any enquiries please direct them to our email.

The categories for KOAST 2025 are outlined below.


The categories are as follows:

Artist in Studio.

You are a “working Far North artist” with a studio in the Far North district where you create most of your artwork and where visitors can see you creating your work. Creating art is a significant part of your work life and a source of income. You will be in attendance at your studio for the duration of the opening hours of both weekends of the KOAST art trail

Artist in Collective Art Hubs Established And Leased By KOAST.

KOAST working artists sharing one site specifically for the duration of the Art  Trail. These hubs and spaces (for example Kingston House, Turner Centre, community halls or galleries), which are hired specifically for the purpose by KOAST, require a nominated Coordinator.  Artists in these spaces will usually  be in attendance at the site for the duration of the KOAST Art Trail.

Exhibition Space.

  1. Established Art Gallery: you must be an established art gallery whose main business is  selling original art by working artists and must be open to the public at regular times during the year. During the Art Trail most of the artwork in your gallery will be original and unique art by Far North artists.
  2. Art Society/Club or Guild: you are an incorporated society that supports a range of member artists, who live in the Far North. Some or most of your members will be emerging artists or hobby artists.

 Guest Artists.

These are well known New Zealand artists invited solely by the KOAST management group.


CLICK HERE FOR KOAST Terms and Conditions 

If you have any questions please contact us  by email.


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