KOAST 2023

Labour Weekend 20 – 23 October 2023


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Beautiful regions and places have attracted and inspired artists for centuries, including Constable, Cezanne, van Gogh and of course Monet’s own gardens.  The Bay of Islands and the Far North in Northland New Zealand, is well known for its stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, lovely walks and its citrus and kiwi fruit orchards.

There’s so much more to this fascinating region with many very talented New Zealand artists calling this lovely area home. Each year KOAST has created a wonderful vehicle for this region’s artists, guest artists and for visitors and art collectors to enjoy their talent.

This year, the great news is the art trail will run from Friday 20 October, over Labour Weekend, until Monday 23 giving visitors just that extra day to enjoy the area and visit talented artists.  As well more artists from around the region will be able to take part.

If you’d love to visit this stunning region  and enjoy the local art we’d love to see you. Check out our accommodation sponsors and book yourself some lovely time away!

Visit Wonderful Artists in Beautiful Kerikeri

KOAST offers visitors a wonderful artistic experience. Visiting the exhibitors in their studios can really give a unique and interesting perspective on a place and add greatly to its attraction.

Visiting the artist’s studios and galleries helps support artists in their chosen profession. Visitors to their studios enables artists to grow their customer base, and to sell their artwork directly to art lovers and other interested parties. Each artist has something very special to offer a visitor.

So, do join us in the North – take a leisurely drive through the beauty of Kerikeri, the Bay of Islands, Hokianga and Doubtless Bay and discover our artists in their creative environments. You could couple this experience with a Weekend Getaway, and a visit to one of the many boutique restaurants, cafes or wineries in the area.

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KOAST Trail Guides

KOAST Trail Guides

KOAST is held on Labour Weekend and gives trail goers the chance to discover local artists creating and selling their original work.

The Trail itself is free and is marked with flags, signs and numbers BUT you will also need a Trail Guide with the map to find the studios. The Guide also has a little description about each artist. Bring a car load of art lovers, and enjoy a day out!

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About Koast

About Koast

The inaugural KOAST was held during Labour Weekend 2014.  Forming an integral part of the area’s vibrant art scene, KOAST provides Far North artists the opportunity to showcase their work in a unique way. The artists participating in KOAST, live and/or work in Kerikeri and are available year round.

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KOAST 2023

Labour Weekend, 20 – 23 October  2023.  Applications Open to Northland Artists.


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