Caroline Moss


Keriblue Ceramics

We are a renowned Ceramics Manufacturing Company that designs, hand-paints and distributes ceramic home ware and accessories throughout NZ and the world. Amongst the items we manufacture are hand-painted functional tableware, vases, wall plaques and decorative tiles.

Walking into our studio offers a feast of colour, design and innovative things to see. In addition, our customers can watch the artists paint and create the very designs offered for sale on the shelves. Whilst here they can grab a cup of coffee and try our own handmade fudge as well.

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Jane Shaw

Ceramics Fibre Art

Creativity has always been fostered by my family. After being encouraged to pursue this, I studied 3D design at Bath Academy of Art, UK, with a focus on ceramics. I graduated with a BA(Hons) degree and received an invaluable education with both artistic and intellectual stimulation.

My passion has always been first and foremost clay; I love throwing vessels on the wheel, manipulating them to incorporate figurative aspects, and impressing detail using locally collected shells for emphasis. Stoneware glazes reflect my interest in the colours and textures of this region.

Recent circumstances have given me the opportunity to develop my skills in textile arts, classes in patchwork and quilting have fed my enthusiasm for fabrics, and I enjoy exploring my visual influences through textiles, playing with colour and stitching.

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Mark Mitchell


Mark Mitchell  grew up in NZ in a creative environment  - he was always curious to see what his father had been inventing in his studio. His background in ceramics began in 1996 when he was working in a commercial pottery in Auckland.  He then became self-employed as a slip caster for 2 years.

He completed his Fine Arts degree IN 2001 and from  2002- 2005 was employed as the Pottery Tutor at Hungry Creek Art School, Auckland.  Here he continued to develop mold making and throwing skills, slab building processes, and surface treatments using terra sigilatta, decals, enamels, and screen printing.

He was chosen to represent NZ as an emerging Artist at the Fule International Ceramic Museums in China in 2007, where he worked alongside a group of internationally recognized Artists for 7 weeks. This was situated in an industrial tile and brick factory in the Shaanxi province, China.

In 2009 he was recipient of a 3 month residency in Shigaraki Cultural Ceramic Park, Japan, awarded by The Japan Foundation, Sydney. This gave him  the opportunity to solely focus on creating a new body of work in an internationally recognized ceramic residency programme.  Since then he has been creating ceramic art - vessels, wall art and sculpture.

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