Te Pu O Te Wheke Gallery

Established in 2016, Te Pu O Te Wheke Community Gallery and Arts Trust is working gallery based in the heart of the Main St of Kaikohe. A small rural town where the art market is untapped and the potential for growth is recognised with more artist showcasing their works.

The art pieces in this gallery have been produced by local artists, which, reflects some of the creative strengths of the people of Kaikohe and surrounding communities.
Since the opening of the gallery, there have been many individuals and organisations who have been inspired by the gallery’s vision - to bring vibrancy and lift the community’s spirit through art.

The pooling of resources and working together has enabled this gallery to thrive and give the must stop and see draw card for tourist, and art loves looking for a point of difference.
With weaving, abstract, contemporary, landscape portraits, jewellery and much more to rest the eye including an enormous Wheke (Octopus) sculpture made of number 8 wire and covered with lights giving a spectacular night time lighting exhibition for those passing by at night.

During KOAST artists exhibiting include:
Alex Moa
Ann-Marie Fraser
Ann-Marie Houng Lee
Bev Wilson-Waru
David Kopa
Hui Ann Willis
John Hayward
Lynda Klaracich
Lynney Whittaker
Sheryl Rusling
Tina Lalande