Rachel Painting

Rachel is a self-taught artist who enjoys working in many different mediums - from oils and acrylics to ink and pencil.

Her first love is portraiture, trying to capture a moment on paper from faces with a story to tell. She has to be very disciplined and precise when she is practicing this.

Her second love is colour and the enjoyment of putting down paint and seeing where it leads her - learning to let go and experimenting has been very rewarding. These pieces are mainly abstract flowers which she finishes with a layer of resin which gives the piece movement and also really pops the colours. They are finished off with a handmade frame, which she also takes a lot of pleasure in making.

And her last great love is ink. Her current obsession is dip pen ink illustrations, which are a total absence of colour with just the ink and the white of the paper. This is a combination of being very precise in putting down your ink and also loose with the marks you put on the paper - careful and confident at the same time can be daunting.

Rachel can only create when she is happy, and has been told that this is reflected in her work. Art brings her such joy and has led her down a wonderful new path.