During his schooldays Richard was always to be found drawing something and very much enjoyed art. Through his working years however he had little time for artwork unless applied to some technical graphic needs. Over those years and during travels he has been able to take on a greater appreciation of art, particularly cities, land and seascapes.

"I enjoy painting in oils, with the majority of my works being land and seascapes from places I visit. My artworks are based mainly on places in the North Island of New Zealand where I live, but I find time to create some from places in Europe and Asia.

"In my paintings I try to create the mood of the moment and try to provide the opportunity for the viewer to create a storyline.

I enjoy showing my work in exhibitions, mainly in Auckland. Some of my paintings have found homes in England, Australia and even exhibitions in China. I hope patrons have as much enjoyment in viewing as I do in creating them."

Click on the images below to see enlargements of his work and scroll through the slideshow.  See his Blogsite below for further examples