Rina Ward

Meet Rina Ward, the jewellery artist or Nostalgem who breathes new life into discarded treasures from the sea. In her enchanting creations, she uncovers the hidden beauty of worn-out and forgotten elements, transforming them into wondrous jewellery.

Rina embarks on a daily treasure hunt, scouring the local shores for nature's washed up gems. After catching waves in Matauri and Taupo Bay, she carefully collects broken kina, pupu & oyster shells, each bearing a unique story of the ocean's journey. These fragments, often overlooked by beachgoers, become the centrepieces of Rina's designs.

But her passion for sustainability goes beyond the shorelines. With a deep commitment to preserving the environment, Rina collaborates with local paua farms, reclaimin discarded paua shell waste. She creatively sculpts these fragments by hand with beach sand clay or dips them in precious metals. Through her artistry, Rina invites us to reimagine the potential of overlooked materials, breathing elegance and sophistication into what was once deemed waste.

Rina's jewellery pieces embody a fusion of natural wonder and human creativity. Each creation carries with it the essence of the sea and the spirit of transformation. With her art, Rina reminds us of the remarkable beauty that can arise from the most unexpected sources. Discover the magic within her designs and embark on a journey of exploration and renewal.