Amanda Whitehead
Assemblage / Upcycling Painting

Amanda is a Kerikeri resident of nearly 40 years, the eldest of 8 children, where 'home' was a special place to be.

Her interest in houses, buildings and architecture made its way onto canvases about 10yrs ago, and there her journey began into the beautiful artistic world of colour. Two years ago, while collecting treasures from the beach, she was inspired to create wee homes, made from off cuts of different types of timber, lovingly recycled to bring back a bit of beautiful in something, that would otherwise be discarded.

Amanda gets lost in time creating these wee homes, little places of safety, connection, growth and love. Each home is handmade, unique and some have a message to share.

"I hope my works can bring a smile, some comfort, an encouragement to one's day."