Courtenay Marshall

Courtenay has been based in Kerikeri for the last three years with my family.

She is finally back making jewellery after a 2 year hiatus to have a baby and am lucky enough to have a studio located on our family orchard, in part of the old barn surrounded by citrus trees. Having set up her studio with her new kiln she is now back to exploring the beautiful potential of enamels.

She discovered the joy of melting metal at a 2 day introductory course at an 'Artists colony' in downtown Los Angeles in 2016. Since then she has completed a Diploma in Jewellery at MIT and Hungry Creek Art school in Auckland.

"I work mostly in silver and enamel with set stones, I have also been known to experiment with many different materials. Most of the stones I use have been repurposed from unworn jewellery. I love giving them a new identity and story - at the same time giving the new pieces a sense of history that can be expanded upon by the new wearer.

The evolution of human culture is the underlying motivation to my work. Human stories and symbols that transcend time and place.
My current explorations are inspired by my time traveling and recognising the symbols and natural inspiration that repeats the world over and throughout time."