Wood Work

Jack spent his formative years in New York farm country, a decade in California with the Sierra Nevada mountains at my doorstep and  forty years in Hawai’i before emigrating to New Zealand.  His career in science gave him an appreciation for the magic of nature and a modicum of creativity.

After dabbling in pyrography, copper hammering, sand candles, pottery, stained glass, Hawaiian feather hatbands, leatherwork, decorative woodworking, wind chimes and driftwood sculpture, he discovered his true passion at a woodturning exhibition and took formal training from a master woodturner.

Transforming the energy of a dead tree into an object of beauty is a deeply satisfying and spiritual experience, and each piece he turns is unique. Whether he turns an open, closed or lidded vessel and have a vision of its shape and form, the wood itself ultimately decides how he turns the piece. Woodturning is a journey on the road to perfection that will never end for him, only change and get more interesting.